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5 Reasons to Take a Child's Pose

Between events, holidays, and obligations, the end of the year can get hectic! Keep your head on straight this year by taking time for yourself, connecting to breath, and enjoying a quiet moment. Balasana, Child's Pose, is the perfect way to relax, unwind, and let go this holiday season...

1. Rest your Heart

Balasana allows you to rest your head below your heart, which in turn, allows the heart to rest. With all the chaos that surrounds us in the final month of the year, a little slowing can go a long way to keep you grounded and relaxed.

2. Connect to Breath

With your head facing down and your arms near your ears, child's pose allows you to hear your breath while tuning out all other sounds. Take a few moments in your day to pause and hear your breath. It will instantly slow your thoughts and give you a moment's peace.

3. Stretch your Hips

We all experience stressful moments. Very often, stress can manifest as tightness in the body, particularly the neck, shoulders and hips. Child's pose is gentle position that stretches both the hips and neck & shoulder areas. If keeping your knees wide is too much pressure on the knees, bring them together or sit your hips on a block. 

4.  Lengthen your Spine

Your spine supports your whole structure: it's the backbone that holds the space for your organs and nervous system. Stretching your spine to its fullest not only helps the spine, it allows your organs to have the maximum amount of space. When your heart and lungs have space, they can function at their optimal capacity. Keep yourself healthy and relaxed this season by stretching your spine in child's pose!

5. Give Yourself the Gift of Time

The holidays can take up a lot of our time. While it's a season for celebration with friends and family, it's important to take quiet time for yourself to be the best version of yourself. Even a 2 minute break in the middle of a hectic day can change it for the better. If your feeling stressed or overwhelmed, find a quiet space and take a minute in child's pose to reconnect with yourself and let go of any thoughts. 

Stay healthy & Happy Holidays from Yoga Tropics!!!

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