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5 Ways to Grow Eyelashes Naturally

If eyes are the window to the soul, eyelashes could be the red carpet that leads you to your beautiful window. Red carpets, like eyelashes, were meant to pop: full, velvety, and luxurious. As we age, are eyelashes can stop to grow, fall out, become brittle and thin, which is why thousands of people flock to their estheticians for eyelash extensions or glue fake ones to their lids.

While these tricks can work temporarily, they don’t do anything to improve the quality of your natural lashes for permanent results. In fact, many people who have tried fake lashes or lash extensions suffer bacterial or allergic reactions. There are serums one can purchase for about $100 per month that help improve lash health and promote lash growth, but Ayurveda offers us it’s own version of lash care that can be just as effective for a fraction of the cost. In addition to staying well hydrated and maintaining a healthy diet, try some of our natural home remedies for thinning lashes.

There are several ingredients you can brush over your lashes before going to bed. Whenever putting things on or near your eyes, it is very important that you wash hands, eyes, mascara brushes or cotton swaps (anything coming into contact with the eyes or eyelids) with soap and water as this is a sensitive part of the body. Also, try using high quality, cold pressed oils for maximum nourishing qualities. 

Castor Oil

Castor oil is used in a number of ayurvedic treatments both internally and externally. It is recognized as promoter of hair growth and health. Castor oil can promote regeneration of thinning lashes and eyebrows.

Take a CLEAN mascara brush and dip it in castor oil. Apply a thin coat to your lashes before going to bed, wipe away any excess oil with a clean, damp cloth. When you wake in the morning, clean your eyes with soap and water. In a few weeks, you’ll notice longer, thicker eyelashes and the best part is that these effects are permanent.

Olive Oil

Good old olive oil is another great ingredient to hydrate and nourish the eyes and lids to promote healthy lashes. It can lead to longer, fuller lashes as well as prevent lashes from falling out as it nourishes the base of the lashes.

Apply in the same fashion as the castor oil. Remember to always clean your brushes before and after applying oils to your eyes. Wipe away any excess oil with a clean, damp cloth and see permanent results in a few weeks.

Green Tea

Green tea has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, as such, it is great to put on the eyelashes. It helps to keep the follicles clean promoting eyelash growth.

Use a cotton ball or cotton swap and dip into green tea. Smear it over your eyes before going to bed and wash your eyes again the next morning.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum has been a mainstay for many years. It can instantly give your lashes a fuller, darker look as it can hydrate the skin around your lashes.

Some people claim to get clogged pores from using petroleum jelly on the skin because it is so thick and can seal over the pores, so be sure to use just a thin layer over the lashes with a mascara wand or a clean finger, then wash off in the morning.

Coconut Oil

Of course coconut oil, coconut oil can be used for practically everything. This amazing oil is gentle on skin, hydrates and nourishes and is light weight and absorbs easily into the skin.

You can also add a drop or two of lemon or lavender essential oil to your coconut oil for extra nourishment to the eyelashes. Again, apply using a clean mascara wand or a clean finger or cotton swab before going to bed, wash in the morning. 

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