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So you’re into this yoga thing. Trouble is, the so called “sticky” mat you bought is not so sticky after all, especially during those hot and humid moments when you’re sweating your way to internal bliss. Somehow you’re perfect downward facing dog loses its restorative and invigorating effect when the pose slowly morphs into a downward facing slide, affectionately known as the “collapsing bridge” pose (not really, I made that up). If you’re like me your separate leg stretch may have inadvertently turned into the full splits (ouch). Or, you may ha ..

The Bench

By Joe Daly I had twenty minutes to get there and as I gathered my gear, I force-fed myself a big, chewy bagel for energy. Years of running marathons had instilled in me the practice of ingesting some form of energy—carbs, protein or glucose—before competing in anything. Plus, big, chewy bagels are twenty shades of awesome. Before leaving my house, I grabbed one last item—a 16 oz. sugar-free Rockstar from the refrigerator, which I chugged and discarded before jumping into my car. I was running a few minutes late, but at least now I had the energy I’d need to ge ..

Meet Josh Kendall, golf pro and hot yoga enthusiast. We sat down with Josh to find out how hot yoga has changed his golf game: How did you get into golf? I got into golf a little bit later than most people. I started playing seriously as a college freshman. I had broken my wrist snowboarding and didn’t get a chance to play volleyball in college that year. I started working at a golf course and playing more and more. Before long, I was leaving the beach a lot earlier get to the golf course. It was a natural segue into the golf career, I joined the PGA and began playing as much as I ..