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By JOE DALY I was such a snot. A good two years before I took my first hot yoga class, my best friend had become a full-blown hot yoga junkie and as we sat outside eating breakfast in La Jolla one morning, he peppered me with wild tales of heat, strengthening poses and all of his cool new yoga friends. I poked at my pancakes, stared off somewhere over his shoulder and waited for the inevitable entreaty, which soon arrived. “Dude, you should try it. Hot yoga, that is.” My retort was already locked and loaded. “I would dude, but I just can’t  ..

By JOE DALY Last week, while waiting on an oil change that was a good 2000 miles overdue, I repaired to a local coffee shop to catch up on my reading and to enjoy a delicious, overpriced pastry with my fourth coffee of the day. Hey, sometimes you’ve just gotta splurge. As I sat in the corner, I noticed that to my right was a middle-aged guy in a shirt and tie, reading a magazine devoted to men’s health and fitness; to my left, a young girl absent-mindedly thumbed through a women’s magazine. Looking back and forth at the two, I noticed that the cover of each mag ..