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Coming Home

By Joe Daly To say that I was nervous was a monumental understatement. This morning, after nearly three months off, I returned to hot yoga. Didya miss me? The epic sabbatical was entirely unplanned. For the past few years I worked from home, during which I practiced yoga several times a week, at all hours of the day, as my spacious and uncluttered schedule allowed. Then I took a 12-month contract with a business near Sorrento Valley, and with that job, my free time all but vanished. Between slogging through a 40 hour work week, a soul-whipping daily commute and my busy wri ..

March 21 Day Challenge

Challenge Yourself This March challenge yourself to 21 Yoga Tropics classes in 21 days. Discover what a consistent practice can do for your life! Proven benefits include: increased strength, improved flexibility, better sleep, stress reduction, possible weight loss, improved focus, increased energy and immune system. Free Manduka ( Gift & More Participants receive an eQua® Hand Towel (* from our friends at Manduka! ( Plus, we'll be giving aw ..