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BEGINNER HOT YOGA: bikram style We’ll be adding a brand new class called “Beginner Hot Yoga”. It is a 60 minute class, heated and appropriate for first time students as well as those wanting to work on their fundamentals. If you’ve practiced Bikram yoga before, this is very similar, we’ll just be doing one set of each pose. This will be an ideal class for beginners to set up proper alignment and receive hands on help from instructors. Look for this new class in Encinitas on Saturday at 8am and Pacific Beach Tuesday & Thursday afternoons at  ..

Our first 21-day hot yoga challenge is in full swing as of Jan 3rd (it’s not too late to jump in if you’re feeling inspired). Having done a few of these challenges myself, and hearing feedback from participating yogis, here are a few tips to help get you through without wanting to put your yoga mat through a wood chipper. 1. There Will Be Ups and Downs, Practice accordingly Generally, even the most dedicated of yoga practitioners take at least one day off per week from asana (physical) practice. The body needs to rest and recover in order to get the most from any type ..

Aside from the times where tropical storms are passing through, Southern California offers a climate that, although beautiful, is quite dry, particularly in the winter months. Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, is an ancient Indian system of holistic health that seeks to balance out the body through the use of oils, herbs, and diet. The idea is that people are all made up of 3 types of constitutions, or body types. One or two of those constitutions dominates the other(s), so through Ayurveda, we can help to balance out all three. Even without the addition of dry, winter a ..

It's January and New Year's resolutions are in full swing. A lot of folks aim to improve their health this time of year, quite a few of my friends are abstaining from any type of sugar, including the massive amount of sugar found in alcoholic beverages that many like to pretend doesn't exist. As it goes for improving your diet in general, it's easier to give something up when an alternative is present; give up those cookies but have an apple with almond butter instead. Pass up on pizza, but have some veggies with your favorite hummus. Same is true for drinks, it's easier to pass ..