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BRAND NEW!!! Michael's class is now available to all Yoga Tropics current members at no additional cost. Michael is known for his inspiring and supportive teaching style. His classes balance a sense of play and adventure with mindful awareness of precise bio-mechanical alignment. Students learn how to practice their yoga from the inside out so that they are empowered from their deepest resources. He encourages students to discover their natural strengths, beauty and wisdom and to celebrate every moment from the heart. ..

Between events, holidays, and obligations, the end of the year can get hectic! Keep your head on straight this year by taking time for yourself, connecting to breath, and enjoying a quiet moment. Balasana, Child's Pose, is the perfect way to relax, unwind, and let go this holiday season... 1. Rest your Heart Balasana allows you to rest your head below your heart, which in turn, allows the heart to rest. With all the chaos that surrounds us in the final month of the year, a little slowing can go a long way to keep you grounded and relaxed. 2. Connect to Breath With yo ..

Ready, Set, Sweat!

Sweat it out! Five reasons sweating is good for you: 1. Natural Pain Killer We all get aches and pains, but rather than reaching for they aspirin, let your body move and sweat. James Ting, MD, a sports medicine physician at Hoag Orthopedic Institute in Irvine, California says, "Exercise stimulates neurochemical pathways in the brain, resulting in the production of endorphins that act as natural painkillers". 2. Good for your Skin A deep sweat can do great things to clear your skin. Sweating opens pores and allows your body to push bacteria and other blemish causing culprits  ..

Krishnamacharya, the father of modern yoga is arguably the world’s foremost yoga teacher. His students include BKS Iyengar of Iyengar yoga, Pattabhi Jois, founder of Ashtanga yoga and Indra Devi, mother of western yoga. An Ayurvedic doctor by profession, "Krish"’s prescriptions for "health" were little more than yoga poses, mantras and food recommendations. He told his students and patients "food is the first medicine" and "the first Yoga is Food”. The great thing about "Krish" is that he lived his life without need for medication, surgery or hospitals. He simpl ..

New Classes at Tropics

BEGINNER HOT YOGA: bikram style We’ll be adding a brand new class called “Beginner Hot Yoga”. It is a 60 minute class, heated and appropriate for first time students as well as those wanting to work on their fundamentals. If you’ve practiced Bikram yoga before, this is very similar, we’ll just be doing one set of each pose. This will be an ideal class for beginners to set up proper alignment and receive hands on help from instructors. Look for this new class in Encinitas on Saturday at 8am and Pacific Beach Tuesday & Thursday afternoons at  ..