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March 21 Day Challenge

Challenge Yourself

This March challenge yourself to 21 Yoga Tropics classes in 21 daysDiscover what a consistent practice can do for your life!

Proven benefits include: increased strength, improved flexibility, better sleep, stress reduction, possible weight loss, improved focus, increased energy and immune system. 

Free Manduka Gift & More

Participants receive an eQua® Hand Towel* from our friends at Manduka! Plus, we'll be giving away 2 Manduka PROLite Mats, watch our Facebook Page this March for details.

Tips for Success 

Here are some tips to make your challenge successful: 

  • Plan your yoga schedule a day (or week) ahead of time and reserve your spot in class online
  • Try different classes at different times of the day – perhaps your a morning person who loves to practice with the sun coming up or maybe a noon class will boost your energy.
  • Listen to your body to avoid chance of injury. 
  • Set goals and intentions for your challenge and track your progress.
  • Plan yoga dates with friends or family.
  • Enjoy the detoxifying effects our infrared sauna at Yoga Tropics on Hwy 101 as well as Tropics West at 965 Second St in Encinitas.  Read about the many incredible health benefits of infrared sauna.
  • Don't get discouraged if you miss a few classes. Try to make them up by doubling up or just go as often as you can.
  • Make note of the changes that you experience in your body and mind. Don't stress out about resistance, keep showing up and it will turn into acceptance and encouragement.

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