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BEGINNER HOT YOGA: bikram style

We’ll be adding a brand new class called “Beginner Hot Yoga”. It is a 60 minute class, heated and appropriate for first time students as well as those wanting to work on their fundamentals. If you’ve practiced Bikram yoga before, this is very similar, we’ll just be doing one set of each pose. This will be an ideal class for beginners to set up proper alignment and receive hands on help from instructors.

Look for this new class in Encinitas  on Saturday at 8am and Pacific Beach Tuesday & Thursday afternoons at 4:30pm.

Hot Gentle Yoga: stretch, relax, unwind

The other addition is a Gentle Hot Yoga class on Sunday evenings. This will be an excellent way to wind down the weekend. Minimal movement, long holds in the poses in a heated room are great to gently stretch your muscles. Ideal for people looking to relax or heal from injury.

Look for this new class in Encinitas  on Sunday at5:15pm and Pacific Beach Sunday at 6:30pm 

Heated Vinyasa  and Yoga Sculpt in Pacific Beach

We’re adding warm vinyasa classes to our weekday schedule in PB. Warm vinyasa is a great way to explore new poses and transitions, challenge your practice and learn to move with the rhythm of your breath. This practice is great for students who are comfortable with the fundamentals of yoga. We’ll play with arm balances and inversions as well.

Look for this new class in Pacific Beach on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00pm

We've added a Yoga Sculpt to our Saturday lineup at 10:30am. 

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