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By JOE DALY Last week, while waiting on an oil change that was a good 2000 miles overdue, I repaired to a local coffee shop to catch up on my reading and to enjoy a delicious, overpriced pastry with my fourth coffee of the day. Hey, sometimes you’ve just gotta splurge. As I sat in the corner, I noticed that to my right was a middle-aged guy in a shirt and tie, reading a magazine devoted to men’s health and fitness; to my left, a young girl absent-mindedly thumbed through a women’s magazine. Looking back and forth at the two, I noticed that the cover of each mag ..

By Traci Wallace Last week it was super warm in San Diego. I reluctantly pulled out my bathing suit on Saturday to get ready for a March beach day. “Yikes.” I thought to myself, this should be interesting. I wasn’t quite ready for bathing suit season. Problem is, I haven’t been practicing as much yoga as I would like lately, and honestly, the frequency of my practice, like most yogi’s I know, tends to correlate with many other things in my life, one being how I feel about my body and a bunch of other things that I didn’t expect. I looked at my ..

Cleanse Me Baby...

BY JOE DALY. For more on Joe, visit his blog ( It had been a few weeks since I’d last seen my friend. When I ran into her at Starbucks, a question immediately popped into my head. “I need to know,” I said. “What’s with all the brown bag pictures?” My friend had taken to posting pictures of brown bags on her Facebook page, with captions like “Yum!” and “Yes, please!” The thing was, it wasn’t just her; an alarming number of Facebook friends around North County we ..

In the days following my ego-shattering first hot yoga class (/blog/the-bench), I wrestled with a thorny, nagging question. I called my friend Kerri, who had been practicing hot yoga for ten years. “Hey, can I ask you a quick question about hot yoga?” I asked. “Sure,” she said, “What’s up?” “Well, I did my first hot yoga class on Monday…” “You did hot yoga?” she managed to ask before collapsing into hysterics on the other end of the phone. “Yeah,” I continued, “It was brutal. I n ..

By Joe Daly. Yoga Tropics will be hosting 108 Sun Salutations on Fri, Dec.21st at 6pm at our Encinitas studio. Free and open to the public! Somebody’s feet stank. The pungency fell somewhere between a hamper full of week-old wet towels and a summer day on a dairy farm. Maddeningly, I couldn’t tell if the offending feet belonged to me. *** Having run a number of marathons across the globe, I am no stranger to endurance sports. In fact, if my joints could talk, they would bitterly complain that I am no stranger to contact sports, either. From baseball, to ice ..

So you’re into this yoga thing. Trouble is, the so called “sticky” mat you bought is not so sticky after all, especially during those hot and humid moments when you’re sweating your way to internal bliss. Somehow you’re perfect downward facing dog loses its restorative and invigorating effect when the pose slowly morphs into a downward facing slide, affectionately known as the “collapsing bridge” pose (not really, I made that up). If you’re like me your separate leg stretch may have inadvertently turned into the full splits (ouch). Or, you may ha ..

The Bench

By Joe Daly I had twenty minutes to get there and as I gathered my gear, I force-fed myself a big, chewy bagel for energy. Years of running marathons had instilled in me the practice of ingesting some form of energy—carbs, protein or glucose—before competing in anything. Plus, big, chewy bagels are twenty shades of awesome. Before leaving my house, I grabbed one last item—a 16 oz. sugar-free Rockstar from the refrigerator, which I chugged and discarded before jumping into my car. I was running a few minutes late, but at least now I had the energy I’d need to ge ..

Meet Josh Kendall, golf pro and hot yoga enthusiast. We sat down with Josh to find out how hot yoga has changed his golf game: How did you get into golf? I got into golf a little bit later than most people. I started playing seriously as a college freshman. I had broken my wrist snowboarding and didn’t get a chance to play volleyball in college that year. I started working at a golf course and playing more and more. Before long, I was leaving the beach a lot earlier get to the golf course. It was a natural segue into the golf career, I joined the PGA and began playing as much as I ..

Have you ever invited a friend to come to a yoga class with you and your friend’s response was, “no, I can’t do yoga, I’m not flexible“? Or maybe it was, “no thanks, I have a bad back, I shouldn’t do yoga“. If you’ve ever experienced the physical benefits of a yoga practice, hearing a statement like this might sound a little like, “I can’t take a cooking class because I don’t know how to chop onions”, or “sorry, I can’t go surfing because my pop up is really bad”. What you might say to your unwi ..

Taking the Leap

I felt like I was going meet someone special for the very first time. It’s the same feeling that you get when you know the person you are going to meet is not only good for you but a perfect match. I was nervous and anxious, and a little frustrated that I wasn’t looking the way I should have. I didn’t have the right pants and shirt, and even my hair was wrong. The day had arrived- the day I had finally decided to try yoga. I was 10 minutes early. I made sure I came in with enough time to park the car and check in. As I made my way into the studio, my heart began to beat  ..