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Taking the Leap

I felt like I was going meet someone special for the very first time. It’s the same feeling that you get when you know the person you are going to meet is not only good for you but a perfect match. I was nervous and anxious, and a little frustrated that I wasn’t looking the way I should have. I didn’t have the right pants and shirt, and even my hair was wrong. The day had arrived- the day I had finally decided to try yoga.

I was 10 minutes early. I made sure I came in with enough time to park the car and check in. As I made my way into the studio, my heart began to beat so fast that I could barely stay still. I don’t really know why I was so nervous- I know I was definitely feeling intimidated but didn’t understand why my anxiety levels were so high. I kept asking myself: What are people going to say when they see me? Do I look like someone who is going to do yoga? Are they going to judge me that I don’t know how to do a certain pose correctly?

I know. Ridiculous questions, right?

Apparently they are not. I have talked to so many people since I started Yoga and so many of them have shared those same feelings. I walked in expecting to be judged but in reality I walked into a community of acceptance and love. The teachers were wonderful and supportive, and offered calming words and wise advice to lead me (and the rest of the class) through a truly amazing journey. For the first time in a very long time I was able to focus on myself: the one hour of the day were I can hear my breathing, feel my body, and find comfort in silence. Every minute is a minute of self-discovery and exploration.

During that hour, I pushed myself to the limits without any sense of competition or jealousy of other’s accomplishments. That is exactly why I fell in love with Yoga- because no one looks at you, no one is concerned about what you’re doing, there is no judgement or issues with others. In that room it’s me, and only me. I am not drowning in my thoughts, or affected by my fears- I am one with my body and soul.

Yoga is Freedom. Freedom to open your heart, soul and body to other dimensions of emotional connection, discovery and inner-peace.

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