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Up for a Challenge?

What is it?

Have you ever heard the adage that for any sort of change to stick, it requires 21 days of repetition? This is true of quitting bad habits as well as forming new habits: if you do it for 3 weeks straight, chances are your body starts to adapt and incorporate the new way into being, whether it be quitting smoking or running 5 miles per day. We challenge you to try practicing for 21 days straight to take your yoga practice to the next level.  Our next round begins
Thursday October 8th and finishes Wednesday October 28th just in time for Halloween!

Why do it?

If you are new to hot yoga, a 3 week immersion is the perfect way to jump start your practice, detoxify your body and turn you into a brand new you. After 3 weeks of continuous practice, you'll experience break throughs you never would have thought possible.

Not new to yoga, but feel like your practice has plateaued? Sometimes in our regular practice we can get stuck, feeling like there is no more progress being made. Immersing yourself for 3 weeks will reignite a passion for the practice as well as push through those pesky plateaus in strength and flexibility.

Do you get sick around seasonal changes? It is common to fall ill during seasonal changes, this is often due to our bodies not being in tune with the changes happening in our environment. A 21 day straight practice will attune you to the seasonal changes happening and give your body a chance to refresh and renew.  

Instagram Mat Give Away

Document your journey and enter to win a raffle for a brand new Manduka Pro Lifetime Mat (value $104 + tax). Post a picture to your instagram account for each of the 21 days of this challenge, photos can be of your practice, something that inspires you, or any reflections you have during your challenge. Tag 'yogatropics' in your photo and add the hashtag '#tropics21daychallenge'. Everyone who completes the 21 posts will be entered into a raffle to win the free mat. Winners will be announced on Friday,October 29th, 2015. Good luck challengers!

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