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New to HOT Yoga? best yoga encinitas

We LOVE Beginners.  Whether you're a new to hot yoga or just new to Yoga Tropics, we offer classes that are suitable for any level.  The environment is encouraging and accessible.  Our introductory Hot Yoga 60 Flow combines yoga poses and breath to increase flexibility, reduce stress, improve balance and coordination and control weight.   

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Yoga is a life changing experience that brings health, growth, and happiness. "I started bikram style hot yoga to relieve stress and can't believe how flexible I've become! Improved tone, strength and my energy is amazing." 

A few things you should know as a beginner:

Hydrate for best experience yoga Encinitas

At least 8oz an hour before class and enough to replenish your fluids after class. 

What should I bring?

A yoga mat, large towel, and water. We rent towels and mats for $2 each and sell water. We also sell yoga mats and yoga towels.

What should I wear?

Women usually wear stretchy pants or shorts and a sport bra top, men usually wear trunks. You want to wear something you're comfortable moving and sweating in.

How many times per week should I practice?

"I have a really high pressure stressful job. I've found that taking 4-5 class/week really leaves me calm and super productive!" 

The more you practice, the more transformation you'll see. The best practice schedule is the one you can stick to, if that is once or twice per week, great. Some people practice hot yoga twice per day, there's really no limit. Just be sure to rehydrate yourself appropriately. Most of our students practice between 3 and 5 times per week.

Pace yourself

During your first week, try to focus on getting the basics down before pushing yourself too hard. We use a lot of muscles and body parts that are not typically used in other forms of exercise so you can expect a little bit of soreness. If you're feeling out of breath or getting exhausted, rest! We recommend taking Child's Pose as much as you need to, especially during your first week or month. Allow your body to adjust to this new practice.